Summer Porch Scene

Porch swing, rocker, wind chimes
Invitation to sit a spell, relax. Second day of summer.

Suzanne’s garden lush greens. Variegated. Giant Oak Leaf Hydrangeas blooming. Lamb’s Ear and Lavender border the steps. Ripening blueberries in the back.  Seeing the latest projects and sharing details about family visits. Catching up with  a good friend. What a lovely way to spend a summer afternoon.

10 thoughts on “Summer Porch Scene

  1. Ruthie — such a nice chance to catch up with you and all your doings! Happiness, indeed. I’m looking forward to seeing your film and other latest works.

  2. Sometimes summer afternoons just go too fast. Many years ago we added a deck to our house. I never use it. I am and will always be a front porch person.

  3. I HAD to have a house with a front porch when we retired to FL. They are hard to find unless you custom build…but Michael found one for me. The porch makes me happy. The porch in your photo is so inviting…….just lacking you, Joanne, MaryAnne and me
    sipping tea and laughing!
    Thanks for another beautiful photo, Ruth!

  4. A few minutes of gentle rain would just add to the peaceful atmosphere, I love to read on a porch in the rain.

  5. Love the quote, your comments and photo. Now …. I am asking for their energy to send me out to “summerize” my own front porch!!
    Going to forward to other friends of Henry’s quote!!! XOXOXO

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