Art Car #2 by Greg Phelps

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Another Art Car spotted in Columbus OH at the Touch-a-Truck Day. Artist wearing blue shirt  in vertical photo. This is his ONLY car. He glues the items on with silicone glue.   He donated his Art Car #1 to Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft.   Check out more photos at his site.  Saw my first Art Car on July 4th.  Let me know when you spot one where you live.

6 thoughts on “Art Car #2 by Greg Phelps

  1. To me, that’s creepy! Lots of very weird people in this world. Guess they are just doing their thing.

  2. Mayhbe he’ll take his Show on the Road (tee-hee) but I was actually thinking New Orleans for Mardi Gras SEASON!!! Wonder if you will see another ART CAR in Oregon?? Happy, safe travels Ruth!!1

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