Tie-Dye With a New Generation

Eighth graders in the art room.

Rubber bands and string. Buckets of color. Vinyl gloves.

Bought more shirts tonight to take to school to try again.

They’ve got the hang of it.  The practice.

I tell them – no design turns out exactly as planned.

Friday morning in the hallway a blur of t-shirts walked by.

I felt satisfied.

Did you ever tie-dye anything in your life?

Master Craftswoman of Crochet in Porec, Istria

Matthew Contributed to the People at Work Series

Photo Credit:  Matthew S. McGrath

Porec, Istria, Croatia.   Summer 2008. While visiting Matthew we drove to Istria from Zagreb and had many adventures.  I bought the large pink doily and some of the little pieces for the women in my knitting group from the same timeframe.   I declared her Master Craftswoman of Crochet and not sure if there are various levels but was thinking along the lines of say, Master Gardener.  But then Master could sound masculine so added the Craftswoman part.  Another post I will show you her kitchen that I photographed. She invited us in. I wish I had purchased a few more items when there.   Photographed by Matthew S. McGrath. (I was in the original photograph but I cropped myself out!)

Sock Monkey Signage in Museum Exhibit

From the archives.  My sister noticed I post a lot of food on the blog. It’s true. Tonight it could have been the pesto on penne and the apple plum one crust pie.    Instead I went to an old folder.   You probably didn’t know there’s  a Sock Monkey Exhibit in the Midway Village Museum in Rockford IL. Mary  and I went when we were visiting family.  The Rockford socks are no longer manufactured in Rockford but by Fox River Mills in Osage Iowa.  I have made a few sock monkeys in my day. People have feelings about Sock Monkeys.There is a convention called Sock Monkey Madness in Rockford.  They call the monkey Nelson after the man who invented the knitting machine that made the socks.

One of the displays at the Sock Monkey Exhibit

Art Car #2 by Greg Phelps

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Another Art Car spotted in Columbus OH at the Touch-a-Truck Day. Artist wearing blue shirt  in vertical photo. This is his ONLY car. He glues the items on with silicone glue.   He donated his Art Car #1 to Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft.   Check out more photos at his site.  Saw my first Art Car on July 4th.  Let me know when you spot one where you live.