Apples to Apples on the Blog over the Years

A few days ago I posted Erika and two of the grandkids walking in the apple orchard.

Then Steve’s art on the mantel with the Granny Smith apple. 

Just for fun I did a google search – Apple and rutheh. Quite a few photos of apples or some form of apples appeared in the results.  Many apple photos  over the years of blogging. Some other fruit appeared and even some tomatoes as I scrolled down.  Here are a few examples of apple photos from previous posts.

There is the Before they Get to the Store post showing how Honey Crisps are grown in Washington.


An early blog post from August 2009   Anna is 15 now

Like a science experiment.  Drastic temperature change.       Anna (5) said “Get your camera and take a picture. You could win a prize!”

So this is what it looks like when “the bottom falls out”!

Cider making in North Carolina in the first photo and a Cider Press in Pennsylvania in second.  

Apple Butter Annie Oakley’s Kitchen Southside Farmer’s Market

Olive Oil Apple Juice and Tiki Torch Fuel

There is a guest blog from Wildflour Bakery in Alaska 

My sister in law’s Apple Pie in Washington

Real fruit and Fake fruit in Hardy Virginia.

15 thoughts on “Apples to Apples on the Blog over the Years

  1. Great photos. Apples are my favorite. I can easily eat a few every day. Then there is caramel apple pie. A perfect after dinner treat. We love it.

    • It keeps the birds from pecking into those valuable Honey Crisp apples. I have another photo of carpets of shiny mylar to reflect the sun and ripen other apples.
      Thanks for your visit and comment today Peter.

    • Seems I photograph a lot of fruit and food, too. Blogging since 2009. They add up. But Audrey, I think I have a thing for apples. Sure looks like it.

  2. Whoa – so many apples! Best to not confuse the two liquids – what a disaster it would be to consume the wrong one!

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