Tasha Nicole, Rat Terrier, Flies DELTA- Exclusively!

Flight from Spokane to Minneapolis- ready to be stowed under the seat in front of her to prepare for takeoff.   I met my traveling companions. Turns out Delta Airlines is Pet Friendly. Must weigh under seventeen pounds, though.   A first for me (to see a dog on a plane) seems Tasha Nicole is a seasoned flier.  Very well behaved I will add. Not a sound, she slept the whole way unlike the kids in the row across the aisle and up one!  Oh my.    And Sunday August 15th is TN’s 9th birthday, too.

I asked permission to photograph and blog and her gracious owner agreed.

I heard about a book on the radio last year, One Nation Under Dog by Michael Schaffer.   When I was growing up I remember some dogs lived outside in a doghouse.

Other airlines charge $150 each way! DELTA deemed "Pet Friendly".

7 thoughts on “Tasha Nicole, Rat Terrier, Flies DELTA- Exclusively!

  1. Nice to know some airlines are still friendly to man and beast! What a sweet dog, no arguments from those passengers!!!

  2. I’d really like to see one of my cats sitting that quietly on a plane. They would freak out! Cats are not well-known travelers.

  3. She is adorable …. don’t know what I was expecting to see when you previewed “Rat Terrier.” 🙂 [Very dog-breed “challenged!!!]

  4. the name Tasha makes me remember Tasha Tudor, author and illustrator and Corgi lover..! … in all her books and on her cards!

  5. great pics, whats funny is that we have the same name and my dog actually looks just like that lol wow

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