Urban Bird Housing

Driving from one school to another I vary my route. Not specifically looking for photos, just trying to find a good way to go with the least traffic flow. Colorful bird houses dangling from the branches of a city tree made me smile.

Seeing these colorful houses and thinking of the person who put them in this tree, cheered me!

13 thoughts on “Urban Bird Housing

  1. Lovely to celebrate three acts of beauty: of the artist who crafted the birdhouses, of the person who placed them on the tree–perhaps in winter’s cold, and of you, the photographer,sharing all this with us. Thank you Ruth–as always– for all you do! Joan B

  2. So cheerful, clever and colorful. They look like they could hold back the start of the snowy days that are just around the corner.

  3. Love the colors of the birdhouses and the contrast between them and the people houses! Thanks for the postings, too.

  4. My favorite birdhouse is the blue one that looks like a spaceship. I think the whole tree is known to the birds as a luxury hotel. Probably full all winter!

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