Rooftop Deck View of City from the Southside

The holiday lights down below give the clue as to the time of year.  Two gatherings Friday night. Live music at both.  Extraordinary piano playing.  Walked up to the third floor and out the door onto the roof.  Propped the camera up on the deck railing and shot without the cable release. The lights felt magical. A beautiful cold winter night.

Night view of the city from the South Side.
Rooftops fascinate me. A terrific vantage point.

10 thoughts on “Rooftop Deck View of City from the Southside

  1. Looks like a magical crystal city!! The sky looks like a painting. Interesting photo, Ruth!!

  2. Looks like a view from the South Side Slopes! Wonderful shot. I do love looking at our city.

  3. Magnificent view. Hesh and I have been through many citie on this cross country drive. None matches the vie of Pittsburgh.

  4. My mother used to say when she saw someone who she thought was beautiful “they could take a picture at anytime.” Our city, through your eyes… anytime. Great shot Ruth.

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