Hoping the Hot Air Balloon Lands in Their Yard

Aunt Mary carried Maura through the backyards while I followed and photographed.

Having received not one but two Versatile Blogger Awards in the last two days I know I should be writing seven things about myself and sending the invitation on to fellow bloggers…..but I am short on blog time as I am with the family in Ohio this weekend.

The pre-wedding festivities have begun.  My sister made FIVE kinds of lasagne- Butternut Squash, 4 Cheese, Ground Sausage and Meat, Zucchini & Eggplant, and  a Spinach Lasagne.  The shower was fun.  And Saturday night my sister and I watched the kids while the young women went out to dinner and then to the Big Bang Piano Bar for the bachelorette party.  Bridesmaid Jenny in from Chicago had heart shaped measuring spoons for everyone to take home and Bridesmaid Celeste had bags of “sweet things”. Matron of Honor Erika hostessed at her home and it was a great celebration. My SIL2B picked up the cake at Cake Dot’s this morning.  Everyone enjoyed Aunt Mary’s efforts in the kitchen.  She flew in from NYC on Tuesday to begin preparations.


21 thoughts on “Hoping the Hot Air Balloon Lands in Their Yard

  1. Please enjoy your time with the family in Ohio and keep doing what you love to do – take photos! And, eat a little lasagne for me. It sounds yummy.

  2. Nothing screams party like 5 kinds of lasagna — but you added hot air balloons, too! Enjoy this time with your family & friends. The awards can wait. We’re a patient bunch at WordPress.

  3. I love hot balloons ….but I love lasagna more. I hope you will post photos of the assorted flavours! JB

  4. Mary is so wonderful to have helped Erika prepare for the shower. I know how she appreciated it.

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