Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

Tenth Street Bridge in Fall light on Monday morning on the way to school. You can see the Liberty Bridge behind the Tenth Street Bridge. Bridges and their construction fascinate me. This morning shot from the Birmingham Bridge (I pulled over and stopped with the flashers in the bike lane and there was almost no traffic) But the reflection in the Monongahela River is what made me stop. The river mirror-like this morning, so still. October is my favorite month to shoot and I am going to make a point of leaving for work earlier so I can catch the Autumn Dawn. How great it would have been if the trees had changed colors already but they are just beginning. And V I think I see Prospect Middle School up there on the left top of Mt. Washington (33 years of fortunate students) !!! Oh my.

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

  1. This is a gorgeous shot! Another one to add to your one-woman show of Pittsburgh. And, yes, that is Prospect on the top of Mount Washington.

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  3. The graffiti on the closest bridge makes me a little sad; but the terrific structure of the distant bridge (and its’ wonderful reflection) makes up for it, Very cool.

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