Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

Renaissance Hotel- Columbus Ohio.  Last week- Friday- 11-11-11.  My brother and sister ate the Steel Cut Oatmeal and fruit.  I had the two eggs, potatoes and bacon with wheat toast.  I should have captured theirs to contrast my plate.  Many wonderful Breakfasts by fellow bloggers this week so you might want to check them out if you are hungry. Everything from Porridge to Quail Eggs.  Most days it is a cup of coffee and toast for me as I fly out to school but here is what I ordered at the fancy hotel.

24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

  1. Sometimes I have grilled cheese for breakfast. It is surprisingly comforting and I am set until lunch.

  2. Right now, it’s breakfast-time for me. And I wish I would have that exact same breakfast right in front of me -not only on a screen 🙂 Great shots, Ruth!

  3. Your beautiful picture of delicious breakfast food would have been my choice! It’s ok to be a little bad here and there when it comes to food, right? Potatoes. I could live on them.

  4. Love this kind of breakfast. Comforting and warm with promises of a beautiful and memorable day. Love having breakfast in hotels too. Makes me feel that happy and euphoric, that same feeling you get when you are on vacations. Wishing you and your family days of love and happiness. Happy Thanksgiving…

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