Shadyside in the Snow

We lived in this neighborhood for two years in a little rental behind what was the Balcony Restaurant and Jazz Club.  You could hear the dumpster trucks come in the early morning and the beer bottles clash in the alley.  Today on the way home from school I stopped by the Food Museum where the fruit in the window is like  a Flemish painting in the Metropolitan. Better known as the Shadyside Market. An elegant place. They were really nice to me although they knew I was checking the price tags before I made my selections.   I knew I could buy bacon, eggs, and bread and not break the bank. The plan was to use a box of spaghetti in the pantry, the parmesan in the fridge and make spaghetti carbonara accompanied by a spinach salad with oranges and red onion. (had Spinach Salad on my mind, thanks to Chicago John from Bartolini’s Kitchen blog)

With the snow falling I knew that our big markets would be swamped as everyone rushes there to get the last roll of toilet paper or empty the shelves to stock their larder when they hear of an impending snowstorm.  So no food photos of the great meal I was inspired to cook in the winter weather,  But the neighborhood of Shadyside.   Sometimes I cringe when I realize I would let 7 year old Laura walk around the block ALONE to Rite-Aid to buy the paper. What was I thinking?  Prantl’s Bakery makes the Burnt Almond Torte everyone loves. Well, most people. 

Famous for their Burnt Almond Torte. Pamela's is nice for breakfast, too.

19 thoughts on “Shadyside in the Snow

  1. What Pittsburgher hasn’t spent time on Walnut Street? I hope you got home safely Ruth E.

  2. We call Shadyside Market, Tiffany’s. Their steaks are awesome and so are the prices. It was so nice to see snow in the Burgh, but i’m glad I’m in Boca. The weather is beautiful. I am on my way to the gym. Hope you have a great day a work. I do miss the kids.

  3. Great pictures, Ruth, of some scenes that I have looked at for years, but you somehow make fresh. And I Ioved the Shadyside Mkt comments and memories. Thanks very much for all of it.

  4. My favorite season to be indoors looking out. So thanks for this lovely vista I would have missed. And yes, remember the days when we could let our children go safely around corners. THANKS FOR ALL YUR WONDERFUL PHOTOSCAPES. Lois

  5. Oh Ruth, this is great! I am going to forward to Marian and to a friend in Honolulu who lived in Shadyside “sometime back!” But Prantl’s Bakery, Pamelas, and maybe even the Variety Store have been in SS for a LONG time. Maybe the Market as well!? Amused by your comment about the Almond torte. I’m not one of the “most people.” 🙂 Rather prefer your 1-2-3-4 Cake!!!!

  6. Ahhhh, Shadyside! I remember going to Pamela’s for breakfast. I used to live and work in Pittsburgh so we are very familiar with Shadyside. Thanks for the photo memories!

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