Mismatch Day and Green Eggs on a Spork

Last Year  for Dr. Seuss week I Dressed up as the Cat in the Hat with a borrowed costume. See link below. Friday it will be just the hat.
The ham was eaten but the green eggs disposed in the trash by this student



Here I am celebrating by wearing the Cat in the Hat Costume. Click to see post

14 thoughts on “Mismatch Day and Green Eggs on a Spork

  1. What fun!! You really rocked that outfit last year but, if you can’t repeat the full costume, keeping the hat was the only way to go. One thing’s for certain: it’s easy to see where Flat Ruthie gets her joi de vivre!

  2. Wow. Love the outfit from last year. The hat was wonderful. Glad I’m not the only one who likes to dress up in costume. Don’t like green eggs though.


  3. “I do not like them, Sam I Am, I do not like green eggs and ham!!” 🙂 Happy Dr. Seuss Day!

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