Mismatch Day and Green Eggs on a Spork

Last Year  for Dr. Seuss week I Dressed up as the Cat in the Hat with a borrowed costume. See link below. Friday it will be just the hat.
The ham was eaten but the green eggs disposed in the trash by this student



Here I am celebrating by wearing the Cat in the Hat Costume. Click to see post

Did You Ever Wear a Toe Sock?

One of the Kindergarten teachers wore rainbow toe socks and colorful flip flops for Wacky Wednesday, celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  I had this same pair in 1972 (approximately). Well, a pair just like them.   And Mrs. D said exactly what I remember, how it feels thick in between your toes and they are humorous looking but not something you want to wear all the time.  The floor is the cafeteria linoleum.  Friday afternoon it’s going to be GREEN EGGS and HAM in the cafeteria and if anyone drops green eggs they will blend in with the flooring.  I guess they’ll leave the ham pink?

I wouldn't want to knit a toe sock!