Guest Bed Where I’m Sleeping – Just About Full

Anna was in her own bed as she has an early swim meet, leaving the house by 6:30 AM

A busy picture. So busy I –

transformed it to black and white due to the wild colors, stripes, patterns and conflicting light. Caught with the iPhone without a flash, just a snippet of the fun I enjoy with the grandchildren when I visit. Now the boys say they want a campout with grandma but I think it is my iPod touch they want to use to watch a cartoon.  We’re in the basement guest room. Maura(3) looks around and says,”There are no windows.” That’s true, not in this room.  Hope no one wakes up at 3 AM and is missing his or her own bed.



20 thoughts on “Guest Bed Where I’m Sleeping – Just About Full

  1. There were ten little indians in the bed, one rolled over and another one fell out, then there were nine little indians in the bed. You only have three and a dog. You have plenty of room. GOOD NIGHT!


  2. Now this is a great picture, Ruth! Love how relaxed the grandkids are around your camera. And Murphy is, well, just perfect. 🙂

    • Thanks John. Your apt description of Murphy so true and it pleases me you can tell that from his photos! Kids mostly ignore ole grandma with the camera. They tolerate the intrusion pretty well. I also am at a point where I am missing prize winning photographs so I can be in the moment with them and not think about the photo opportunities so much. But thanks for your good words today.

  3. A night like that can keep you smiling for years …enjoy the wonderful memories you’re making.

    • Sleep elusive. It was like sleeping inside the bowl with a beater kicking up now and again! Fun, though. Crazy fun. Murphy split early as it was too much for him but I hung in there, foot and all!

  4. I’ve been very amused about your full bed at
    I hope it is a contrast to other days –
    not your daily shock to have a full bed,
    I wish you sometimes to find with room enough for yourself!

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