Pyrex Fruit Bowl Levitation in Afternoon Light

When I get home from school I put the kettle on and make a cup of tea. Or a cuppa as some friends say. Unwind.

And I sit at the kitchen table, wait for the water to boil.   I saw the fruit bowl reflected in the diner print.

I am sure it has been there before but today I saw it.

23 thoughts on “Pyrex Fruit Bowl Levitation in Afternoon Light

  1. I really like this photo a lot. The rays of sunlight and the reflection are terrific. Good eye!

    I can’t help but wonder: What is all of that stuff on the door knob? String?


  2. Yes! to all the comments ….. it’s like a small Vermeer inside a …… Hopper? Well, really: inside a Hendricks! -Now I see your hand reflected left, so did you have on a pearl earring??? 🙂 🙂


  3. Neat! I used a reflection like that once to stop my daughter from getting into something she had no business touching over in another room. I had no direct line of sight, and she was shocked that I was able to see her. I told her, “I have eyes in the back of my head, I can see EVERYTHING.” She later told my husband, “Did you know Mommy has BACK EYES?” lol!

    Great photo!


  4. Just catching up on emails . . . this is one of my favorite photos so far. Creative and beautiful. Thanks.



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