Buildings Demolished- A Sign Discovered

Converted to black and white to accompany this discovery.

A bit of research on the web  and I found the photograph of the Fiore Family in their Larimer Meat Market.

I drove by just before sunset and was surprised to find some buildings missing.  The ground covered with hay. And then I spied this wonderful sign.  What a gift.  Larimer used to be densely populated with Italian immigrants but this area is fairly desolate now. Vacant lots were restaurants and shops used to be.  There are still homes in the area but lots of spaces in-between of what used to be there. About a mile from my house.

Only the automobiles in the photo give it a date.  TODAY.

I hope some of their descendants find this post and write a comment.

copied and pasted from a Google Search.


7 thoughts on “Buildings Demolished- A Sign Discovered

  1. I remember eating at The Meadow Grill near there – funny name for an Italian restaurant. It was a family favorite.

  2. I keep hoping the East Side “recovery” will extend to Larimar … Fiore’s is only a couple of blocks from TARGET! I think the road to the left in your photo goes directly into one of its parking entrances! Isn’t the large church spire in first photo East Liberty Presby Church? and Yang Ling???? 🙂

  3. Ruth!! I’ve discovered that once you “unclick” the Notify me of follow-up comments via email… it stays unclicked forever afterwards.. maybe this is their way of figuring things out so they don’t look as silly:D for the changes they’ve made. ANYHOOOO… love this photo today, particularly because you’ve dug up that photo from the past. It’s so poignant, imagining the people laughing and visiting to pick up food! xoxo Smidge

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