Meeting of the Sock Monkey Minds /Solving WordPress Email Deluge!

Four sock monkeys I made, set up, waiting for the kids to come home and find them (from Easter visit to grandchildren)
When I looked at the photo, I thought of meetings, meetings, meetings…….table the motion and I move to adjourn-
Do I hear a second?

second part for my blogging friends who experienced a deluge of email in their box. See Chicago John’s public service announcement

or it could be a WordPress meeting!

Monkey 1″Hey, let’s flood people’s inboxes with a ton of emails, every time they write a comment or reply on a post”

Monkey 2 “Yes, let’s check the box for them without their realizing it so they get emails and more emails and more emails. Imagine if a blogger gets twenty comments.  And then a commenter replies, or the blogger replies, too.  YIKES
Multiply that cause each commenter will now receive an email. Wow, it is like a math problem. Can even get almost to infinity in an inbox!”

Monkey 3  “We might get a ton a email ourselves over in support!”

Monkey 4  ” We had better fix this problem at WordPress NOW as our loyal bloggers and their readers are not happy!!”  : – (


17 thoughts on “Meeting of the Sock Monkey Minds /Solving WordPress Email Deluge!

  1. Whahahahaha! Great post hon! Yeah, these sock monkeys sounds just as naughty as the monkeys that come and visit our garden regularly! Wonder if WordPress have some monkeys working for them then? LOL!

  2. So well put! I wrote a comment in one of the forums about all these emails. I now understand about the tick box but I hope they change it back to how it was before! Lorraine

  3. I wish I could have seen the chidren’s delight when they came home and found this waiting for them!

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