Google Pittsburgh

When we first lived in Pittsburgh and Matthew played baseball in Mellon Park across the street from Bakery Square we could smell the aroma of baking. Crackers, cookies, it was the NABISCO Factory built in 1918.  Bakery Square has been “repurposed” as they say.  And GOOGLED.  

There’s a Coffee Tree that opens at 5:30 AM. for the early birds.


And a close-up crop of the Google flag.

11 thoughts on “Google Pittsburgh

  1. Well, they really did Google Pittsburgh, didn’t they? When I worked by the RIver, just outside The Loop, if the wind was right, we could get a good whiff of the morning’s production at the Fannie May Chocolate Co. It was both good and bad at the same time. 🙂

  2. I remember that smell too. Wasn’t so long ago. For a while I boycotted Nabisco. Glad google came along.

  3. Wonderful building Ruth I can imagine the great smells from the bakery days. Is this the Google HQ or do they have office all over the States? I think they have a European place in Holland.

  4. Laura, Google smells like money! 🙂 Glad you took the 2nd photo, Ruth, I did not even notice those small Google letters and the letters on the flag in photo #1 !!

  5. My husband went to college in the same city as a Malt-O-Meal factory; so every time we visit the campus, it smells like that.

    I think I’d prefer a bakery scent. 😉

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