Google Pittsburgh

When we first lived in Pittsburgh and Matthew played baseball in Mellon Park across the street from Bakery Square we could smell the aroma of baking. Crackers, cookies, it was the NABISCO Factory built in 1918.  Bakery Square has been “repurposed” as they say.  And GOOGLED.  

There’s a Coffee Tree that opens at 5:30 AM. for the early birds.


And a close-up crop of the Google flag.

Gershwin & Jazz at Bakery Square

Left the gym to get coffee at Coffee Roasters and found live music.  With the weather change it was chilly but I drank coffee and ate oatmeal to warm up. Tania Grubbs, Jeff Grubbs, Daniel May on keyboard (in from CA). Tania will be performing at the new 5 star hotel @ Market Square Wed Sept 8th 5:30-8:30 in Andy’s Winebar.  Jeff is a member of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.

Right on Penn Avenue, Saturday afternoon.