When a Dog Smiles at the Camera

You have to take a picture. I asked the owner’s permission.  She looked as if she had just been on a run or about to go on one with some friends.

His name is Oliver!

Oliver is a Heinz 57 mutt and he was smiling for the camera!

He’s six months old and has that puppy energy and enthusiasm.  What a happy guy.

I’d just come out of the end of the year faculty meeting/gathering at the Hofbrauhaus on the edge of  South Side Works near the riverfront trail.

So thanks Oliver (and your owner also- sorry I didn’t get your name)

I know Murphy smiles for the camera, too.

What a great personality!  

10 thoughts on “When a Dog Smiles at the Camera

  1. Good shots, Ruth. Puppies have that glint in their eye. Sure they may be seated and smiling for you this instant but the eyes say I’m going to pounce on that leaf, your shoe, or that invisible what’s-it at any moment.

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