Aunt Linda and Uncle Frank

You remember Uncle Frank and his vintage cars? Aunt Linda and the making of the nut rolls?

Today is Aunt Linda’s birthday and thought I’d surprise her with a birthday greeting on the blog with a photo of the two of them.


I’m still vacationing in Ohio with the family so went into the archives for today’s post.


14 thoughts on “Aunt Linda and Uncle Frank

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Aunt Linda! I saw your post on the nut rolls, what a talented baker she is. Took a look at your Uncle Frank’s car and boy he has kept it in mint condition. I know your aunt will be surprised at your post. The photos of them are well done and shows their loving and happy nature. Hope you all have a happy birthday celebration.


  2. What a nice tribute to my sister Linda. As you know Ruthie she is wonderful person just like you are. Love you both.

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