Bubble Blowing Champ, Model Railroad Men, Pickle the Mini-Dachshund, Sheep and a Storm at the State Fair


This is what the sky looked like as we made our way down the midway to the van.

Then the rain started. We’d been at the Ohio State Fair about two hours. The photos are not enhanced, that’s the color of the sky!

A deluge.  The view from the van shows the lightning. Shortly after four in the afternoon.  It got dark as night. When we got home, the power was out so we

went to eat dinner at House of Japan.  Thanks to the Kroger booth people at the fair for sheltering me and the kids while Erika ran and got the van and the nice State Trooper who guided us to the van as the wind blew and the rain fell.  No hail today, thank goodness.  We got pretty wet and it came up fast but all is well.





The first photo of the fair is a small combo at the entrance gate playing Life is a Cabaret.  They were good musicians and set the mood.

As we listened to the music we saw this gentleman approach the exit.

His name is John and he blew an eleven inch bubble to win the bubble gum machine and the trophy.  He was a good sport and allowed me to photograph him.

The nice woman with the mini-dachshund, Pickle ( 1 yr), let the children pet the sheep and Michael had fun feeding one.  Thanks Carrie.

William , originally from Wheeling, was one of the men running the Model Railroad display.


And that is Dave in the PETA shirt in the Sheep Pavilion.

I asked one of the men how they judge the sheep in the competition.  He said, they’re choosing the ones who will look best on the table.   Some of you know that two out of my three kids are veg, but the one said to me, “Ma, ask that man if you can photograph his shirt!”






















Thanks for graciously allowing me to post your photos on the blog today. It was good to talk with everyone we met.

















13 thoughts on “Bubble Blowing Champ, Model Railroad Men, Pickle the Mini-Dachshund, Sheep and a Storm at the State Fair

  1. Lovely pics Ruth. I can’t believe that weather! My goodness, we have a tendency here to think of America as always being hot with great fields of corn etc. That’s the kind of weather we get in the UK, we have just had the wettest June and July since records began in 1910, yet this week the the sun is out and the temperatures up in 70’s and 80’s F.

    The pic of the Dachsy is great, being a Mini-Longhaired Dachshund owner, we just love the breed.
    Like other comments above, you really brought the fair to us thank you.

    I am not a vegetarian but pretty close, and everyone has their personal choices in life and I wouldn’t dare to tell anyone what to think or do. But what is with the guy who feels it is right shove down the ‘animal lovers’ amongst us’ throats, the fact that he enjoys killing and eating God’s creatures? I’m so glad I wasn’t there to see that, because with the best will in the world that is where I get into trouble. But now in my 70th year I am getting a little better, when I was in my 20’s and 30’s and travelling the world as a Musician I was unbearable, it’s a wonder I had any friends at all!….Some people called me ruthlessly honest, but a lot of other called me other names! Thank goodness that my darling Ondrea was always there to keep me in check, and now she is confined to her bed with MS I am repaying her for all her kindness and understanding by being her main Carer.

    Oops! so sorry Ruth…it seems I have started to hijack your wonderful Blog….so sorry.


  2. I love all your wonderful photos and how they tell the story of your day with the children at the county fair. I love the first photos with the dark sky and the bright colors of the fair’s people, vendors and sky lift. Thanks for sharing your day, storm and all.


  3. That storm is something else! We get ones like that here, too – and the night-during-the-day feeling is still a weird one to me.

  4. Ruth I’m so glad the kids and your family had such a good time at the fair. I hope I was able to answer all their questions and help them to learn something new. You have such a nice family and glad to see you all made it home safely.

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