Pignolis- An Heirloom Recipe from a Friend’s Mother

The one thing I can tell you is, don’t mess around with the confectioner’s sugar amount as it is needed to make the cookie take shape!

Parchment paper is key, too.

You can see I should have put this recipe in a plastic sleeve. It is well used and always appreciated.  People devour them.

Thinking of how wonderful it is that Esther was so generous to share her hand written recipe at least twenty years ago.  Her daughter, Diana,  will take her iPad to show her this post on Tuesday as we have no school due to the storm winds and rain predictions.  I called and asked if it would be okay to post and Diana said, “Yes” so thank you Diana and her mother, Esther.

I baked these for Laura’s wedding last year and made them for the House Concert for my gluten-free friend.

(Smidge, this recipe is for you, too!)

10 thoughts on “Pignolis- An Heirloom Recipe from a Friend’s Mother

    • I treasure my hand written recipes from my mom and Don’s mom. Erika has one of my mom’s cookbooks that my mom wrote in. I look at it every once in awhile when we are visiting. Gives me a warm feeling to see the writing.

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