Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

This week’s challenge is a good one for the new year.  Have you ever kept a resolution?  Hmmmm.

 Resolved to-> Eat healthy, exercise more, just exercise some, get organized, read more books etc etc. etc. blah blah blah.

I thought I would choose something manageable.  Concrete.   Simple. Something i could actually accomplish.

I am not good with resolutions. Keeping them, that is.

The pile of accumulated mail?  NAH!  Clean out the freezer? the  pantry, my closet? NAH  Polish the silver? NAH

So I came up with a resolution I think is a good one –

I resolved to not buy any more yarn.  Finish all the projects I’ve started. Use all the yarn in the stash.

Does anyone else have this bad habit of starting new projects and not finishing the old ones? I should go around and photograph people’s yarn stashes?

I decided to finish the second sock of the pair I started at least 7 seven years ago.    And then Stef helped me out.  She sent the guest blog of the retro soup cans on Saturday. And after Maura and Muprhy left to return to Columbus on Sunday I finished the second sock.  24 hours after my resolution.

Now on to the second mitten.  The sweater I started that’s in a shopping bag in the bottom of the closet.

Dear La, I love the  hand crafted ceramic bowl for the ball of yarn to knit from. Thanks for the great Christmas gift.  It is so inspiring.

(Simply Tangled Ceramics)  She bought it at the handcraft store Wholly Craft, on High Street, Columbusa long block from her house.

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socks and yarn


(Above photo with Canon 5D Markii)

and then in 24 hours I finished the second sock    see below ( iPhone camera)

The horizontal stripe is not slimming but you get the picture!  I actually finished the second sock.




20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

  1. Those colors are beautiful – I made 2 resolutions last year – one I partially completed then gave it up – the other, well finding a cemetery plot is harder then I thought.

  2. Ah yes, the UFOs (unfinished objects). You are not alone. I’ve got many. I too have sworn off buying anymore yarn. As I remember, you gave ME a UFO last time I saw you…unfinished child’s sweater. Great resolution! I love the socks!

  3. That bowl is too clever! I think I need one to inspire me to work on my UFOs. And a perfect resolution … maybe I’ll do the same. I have lots of yarn hidden and no need for new projects. I admit to having a sweater that I started when we lived at Fort Knox – was that 24 years ago? Will it still fit ? (no)

  4. Love that bowl – that would be an inspiration for me to get a project finished. That was my resolution when I retired but unfortunately I’ve started many more projects. I keep on doing these scarfs. I too have lots of yarn and always have to buy new for a new project. Someone will have lots of cleaning out to do.

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  7. Wow, you are very skilled! I made a similar resolution a few months ago: Not to buy any more books until I have read all the ones I currently have on my shelves. And not to renew any magazine subscriptions this year. I’m 50% good. 🙂

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