The Mill on a Winter Night 2012

I have posted photographs of the mill at night before, and in the winter the leaves are off the trees so I can get a nice shot from West Mifflin hill, near VistaView Street.  I think there are four Christmas light decorations on it this time.

This photo is looking across the Monongahela River  to Braddock.

Many family members of blog followers have worked in the mills of Pittsburgh. This is the last mill.

Click to see the earlier view from the blog in April 2010.  I liked reading that post because my friend Dorothy H. wrote a comment on the blog post about a poem she wrote in response to another mill photo I took.  The mill is endlessly fascinating to me, the smoke always different shapes. The cloud cover affecting the light at night.  The snow.  The darkness.

I remember a class in  photography suggested to return to the same subject, a different season, a different time of day, but the same location. Close to it.

Guess I am doing that assignment again and again.

mill at night



and this view is farther up the hill, with the naked trees on the right.

mill at night2

14 thoughts on “The Mill on a Winter Night 2012

  1. Just think, this is what we use to see up and down our rivers. Now, an almost dying industry in our city, this mill is one of only a few left. I love the history and memories your photos bring back.


  2. Such a great perspective for this sight. A ground level shot would never have the same impact. As it is, it’s quite beautiful.

  3. The mills up and down the river not only built up this city, it helped build a country and fight a war. Lots of history there.

  4. These are really intriguing- love the composure and lighting! I am coming to Pittsburgh soon for business..staying downtown- suggestions for great photo opps with no car?

  5. Monet’s water lilies is your mill. Though the scene may be the same (or similar), the perspective is always changing. Such is the truth in so much of life, non?

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