You Have to be 8 to Take the Cake Decorating Class

When I got to Ohio Friday evening, Anna(9)  was out with a friend, taking a cake decorating class for kids.

When she got home, she put some finishing touches on her Kitty Cat Cake while her younger sister Maura watched intently.

Then Anna put the lid of the cake carrier on the cake to protect it and left the kitchen

Maura watches Anna

There Perfect!

IMG_0497 (1)

cake carrier

Peeking In Cake Carrier

cat cake eyes

Maura licked the frosting knife.

Licking the Knife

11 thoughts on “You Have to be 8 to Take the Cake Decorating Class

  1. I’m glad you included all of these photos, RUth. Each is precious and together they tell a tale. Especially enjoyed how you captured Maura patiently waiting for her turn with the frosting knife. 🙂

  2. A fun outing for a little girl. Love her pink crown and that she shared her experience with Maura. Precious little girls.


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