Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

Love, love, love.

All you need is love.

Love is all you need.

I liked the Paris bridge photo with all the locks on it posted on WordPress’ Daily Post that tells what the weekly challenge is.  LOVE!

My thought was some wedding couples. Went to the archives.

As I looked for the pics to post I saw a series I put up last Father’s Day and since it is Murphy’s 11th birthday I decided that he would be the one to  best illustrate the definition of love.

I know Max and Mingus and Coltrane
and Rumpy Dog will agree I made the right choice for today’s challenge.  Not sure how Isobelandcat feel about Murphy.

Happy Birthday Murphy.  With much love from your family.  You exemplify love!  Pure and unconditional love.

Murphy and Anna

Murphy and Michael

Murphy and jack3

Murphy and Maura

Murphy and kids1

52 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

    • Yes, he is one patient boy. All that love can be exhausting.
      Glad you gave Coltrane a chance to type. A good post to shout out to Murphy’s dog pals! Definitely a Milkbone, the bacon would do him in.

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  3. Max loves the Murphy shots, Ruth. He would have told you himself but I’ve revoked his computer privileges ever since I caught him surfing the net with my charge card in paw. He claims he was looking for “off collar” dog sites but he was looking at “off color” dog sites. When good dogs go bad.

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  8. He sure gets a lot of love. Science said that hugs make your blood pressure lower. Maybe I should get a “Murphy”

  9. I much prefer your photos to the one of padlocks. I do not understand how padlocks symbolise love! and I am appalled that people have started to deface the beautiful Millennium Bridge in Londo by attaching padlocks. I am hoping the authorities will ban them…

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  13. Aw, buddy… He looks like he is genuinely enjoying his first hug in the series; then perhaps not so much by the end. 😉 What a phenomenal pup he is. Happy Birthday Murphy!

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