Snowy Friday Afternoon in the City

It was snowing and really cold.  I actually pulled over,got out of the car and took this pictureI.  I  was headed home from school on Friday.

The idea of going to the regular grocery store was out of the question although the larder was fairly empty.  Had to stop somewhere.

I was in the Bloomfield neighborhood and decided to shop at Groceria Italiana and pick up some essentials.

When I got home I cooked the sweet and hot sausage and added the house sauce I had purchased.  (Chicago John avert your eyes- if you click his name you get a recipe for homemade meat sauce)

A little fresh grated cheese and a glass of organic wine. Glad to be in a warm house and it tasted just fine!  City Street in Snow

Snow in Doormat

Snow in the door mat!



14 thoughts on “Snowy Friday Afternoon in the City

  1. Wow, this sounds amazing!!! 🙂 Looks like the food I grew up in Buffalo (and so does the snow!).


  2. Avert my eyes and miss that great-looking dish pf pasta? Never! If using store-bought sauce is the only way you can enjoy pasta that night, that use store-bought sauce. Better that than going without. 🙂


  3. I love the repetition of your first image; it feels calming and soothing to me. I also really like the ingredient shot of your meal – perhaps even more so than the completed dish itself. (But I’ve always been a love-to-see-the-inner-workings kind of gal, so please don’t take that comment personally or negatively…) 🙂


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