Waiting for Spring

The Spring Equinox is March 20 at 7:02 AM.  Just THREE weeks to go.  I checked the Old Farmer’s Almanac for the official word.

In another 5 weeks, it’ll look like this in our part of the country….I have to keep it in mind.

Blossoms and green grass, bulbs shooting up through the earth. The RedBud will bloom.

Three weeks ’til Official Spring.  This photo was taken two years ago the first week of April.

March is Friday.  I think I have it calculated right.

Flowering Pear Trees




Old State Road in Columbus on the way home.  (I pulled over!)

10 thoughts on “Waiting for Spring

  1. Beautiful photo. March 1st is the beginning of Meteorlogical Spring if that helps. Yes it still may snow but won’t last as long as a January snow and the coldest temperatures are behind us. Hope that makes you all feel somewhat better.


  2. a stunning photo Ruth, the tines, the symetry, the colour an dlight. Superb shot!
    and yes this gardener is getting itchy fingers waiting to get out into the garden and really get going!


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