Guest Blogger’s Response to Yesterday’s Waiting for Spring Post

Okay Aunt Bobbie (the one who gave Anna the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls).  Bobbie  saw my almost Spring post of the flowering pear trees and then sent me a photo for the blog today.  YIKES!

I was so hopeful.  Just when I was thinking of how the earth will warm up and the buds and blossoms will burst. I was counting the days until Spring, ready for the winter to be OVER!

I love it when someone is inspired by my photos on the blog, though. Even if it is a snow photos.  Well more that just any snow photo.

21 inches of snow in Kansas City in a week!!!

(Chicago John, this one is for YOU, too!)  For everyone shoveling and plowing and hopeful that it will just all go away….and SOON.

(Rob, you must be so glad you moved out of Northern Illinois to Florida this year.  Kristin, how was Hawaii?   Sue, you enjoying Spring training in Bradenton?)

Thanks Bobbie for the photo today.  Where are the crocus?

Kansas City Snow



A p.s. to Aunt Bobbie’s picture

Two more responses, this time from faithful blog reader ROB


writes to


After seeing your blog I wanted to share these photos.  The first photo is from a traffic cam showing my “old” office in the background and then I immediately went out and shot (with my trusty iPhone) the photo out our back yard, probably less than 2 minutes apart.  I sent these back to my old office staff just to show them the “real reason” I moved from Northern Illinois…just in case someone really needed proof.  Needless to say I got varied comments.  Thanks again for challenging all to see life through “a different lens”.
Love ya,





Reminds me of a song that my Music  Monday Maestro  might find….

“Button up your overcoat, when the winds are free.  Take good care of yourself, you belong to me.”

6 thoughts on “Guest Blogger’s Response to Yesterday’s Waiting for Spring Post

  1. Will you look at all of that snow!!! Yikes! We really didn’t get hit badly in the city and it wasn’t be anything like poor Kansas City. Those people need a break.
    Thanks, Ruth, for the shout-out, on behalf of all who operate snowblowers in their neighborhoods!
    I could be wrong but I think there’s a MM rule about selecting a song twice … well … except for one. 🙂

    • If you get a chace, check out the new addition/edit to the post. A photo of the webcam in Northern Illinois AND the place my friends move to this year! thanks for you good comments, always.

  2. Thanks Ruth, for the shout-out, on behalf of all who have to put up with this warm, bright sun here. Love Betty Boop. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yikes! I’m also super jealous of Rob – I think his image was the online equivalent of pouring salt into an open cut. 😉

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