Anna and Her Sock Monkey Photo Shoot

Anna set up the sock monkey clan in the family room and photographed them. The most cooperative subjects you would wish for. A couple sock monkeys must have been hiding but collecting four grandchildren’s monkeys is the challenging part. Trying to get the real family for a group shot is much more difficulty. I get a kick out of the kids trying out their photography skills. Anna(9) photographed this one with the iPad. Thanks Anna for the guest blog.


22 thoughts on “Anna and Her Sock Monkey Photo Shoot

  1. A real day brightener!! So cheerful! Love the arrangement of the monkeys! Great photo, Anna!!

      • Can’t have too much of a good thing, Ruth! Sometimes the WordPress Reader plays up and I miss things. I’m not a regular “twit” but I go there when I remember.

  2. good for anna … and i had to google sock monkeys, a toy that is new to me since you mentioned it at easter … 🙂 all very cute!

    • Sock Monkeys were popular decades ago but have made a bit of a comeback, even being used in Nursery decor and baby clothes now. No batteries required!

    • You know she is! One has to be careful what one does around kids cause they definitely pick up on what you’re doing, and then do it themselves!

  3. I really enjoy these guest bloggers contributions. Nicely done, Anna. I rarely see the little sock monkeys; but this is the only place I’ve found a Giant Sock Monkey !

  4. Anna I love the monkeys photograph. You’ve started my day with a great big smile (I’m in Arizona so it’s 6:29am here – didn’t want you to think I start my day at noon – haha)

  5. What a big happy family. Anna is really getting into blogging – maybe it’s time to get her an online space of her own? (Supervised, of course.)

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