State Fair Food, Signs and 2000 Pounds of Butter

As promised yesterday, here’s a sampling of the food available at the Ohio State Fair.

People were generous in allowing me to photograph the food they purchased and were about to consume.

I’m sorry I didn’t get pics of the actual Roast Beef Sundae and the Donut Burger.   There is a lot more to see and eat.



Chocolate Dipped Frozen Banana








Chocolate Covered Frozen Banana with Sprinkles


The Ribbon


The Ribbon (potatoes fried) with Cheese and Ranch Dressing.

Deep Fried Everything

Deep Fried Everything

Deep Fried Buckeyes

Deep Fried Buckeyes

Cotton Candy and Pirate

Cotton Candy Booth

Roasted Corn

Dipping the Roasted Corn in Butter


Donut Burger

A Burger in a Donut for a Bun



on the grill

Peppers and Onions on the Grill






Muddy Pigs


Muddy Pigs Booth


Cooking Chicken


Grilling Chicken

Eating Food at the Fair

Fairgoers eating Deep Fried Turkey Legs?

Butter Sculpture

The Butter Cow  Sculpture

(I wanted to see this as I remember seeing one a long time ago when I was young)

I read an interesting obituary in the New York Times Norma Lyon, the Butter Cow Lady in 2011

Cow and Calf in Butter

543 Hours to Create the  Butter Sculpture Display Kept at 46 degrees F

Ohio Fair Choir

Ohio State Fair Youth Choir Founder, Glenville Thomas  (d. 1991)    Honored in Butter Sculpture

Kettle Corn

Kettle Corn Booth

French Fries Stand


French Fries Booth

Gyros Booth

Gyro Booth

Funnel Cake

Funnel Cake with Powdered Sugar on Top


Funnel Cake Stand

21 thoughts on “State Fair Food, Signs and 2000 Pounds of Butter

  1. Woah. This was an eye opener! Some more interesting options than the usual dagwood dog I’m used to. Chocolate covered bacon? Donut burger!? I feel like my heart is strained just looking at those. However, I can definitely see myself having a go at The Ribbon 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving a good comment. I am wondering what a Dagwood dog is so will have to check on at item.

    • Francine they had a red velvet funnel cake but my photo in the bright sun made it look pink and I didn’t realize it til on the computer at home.

  2. you surprised me with “Youth Choir Founder, Glenville Thomas (d. 1991) Honored in Butter Sculpture” – like the famous Chinese terracotta army – but made of butter …

  3. I love the shot of the peppers and onions – great focus and colors. The butter sculptures are very impressive! As for what I would eat… I could probably do a chocolate-covered banana, minus the sprinkles. All of the rest, though – not for me. 🙂

  4. I think i gained a few pounds just looking at the treats. I certainly wouldn’t want to eat that stuff daily but for one day a year, why not have a ball — or a deep-fried Twinkie! And it wouldn’t be a mid-western state fair if there wasn’t a butter cow somewhere. 🙂

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