Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

Tough challenge this week.   For me, at least.

I didn’t want to post a painting from the Metropolitan Museum from my archives or someone else’s idea.

There have been a lot of creative and unusual masterpieces posted by fellow bloggers .  And although there’s plenty of grandchildren artwork where I’m vacationing, how could I chose a single piece from one of the four?

In Ohio, there are no majestic tall ships with light on their sails  like  Frizz in Germany or Colline’s intricate handmade ship models, or Francine’s stunning views of the Grand Canyon or Meg’s post of Capri. Or Madhu’s edible masterpiece.

There are so many others to see and even a brand new grandchild for Gilly

So keeping it simple.  Very simple

One more photo from the Ohio State Fair to meet theWeekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece.  


Look, an egg!

Look, an egg!

26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

  1. LOVE IT! A masterpiece indeed. Never found the answer to the age old question. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? It’s simply a masterpiece.


    • Thanks Francine. I thought the challenge was just that- a challenge. Glad you liked the egg and I don’t know the answer to the question either.

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