Bagpiper on Penn Avenue, Saturday Night

Unexpected bagpipe music emanating from Penn Avenue near the Car Park, on our way to the Fireworks Night at PNC Park-

Steve pulled over to the curb.  I got out of the car.  Placed a bill in her case on the walk and asked if it would be all right to take a photo.  She nodded.

A student at Carnegie Mellon University, piping for the Tartans, practicing, playing cool music for downtown Pittsburgh

AND imprinted on her card-

Bagpiping for Western Pennsylvania, (and doing a great job of it, too)

and at the bottom-  Weddings, Funerals, Military Functions, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Social Events, Group and Individual Instruction.  Solo and Band Prizes -US Canada and Scotland   I believe it!

….. Her name is Liz Cherry and she is skilled in the way of the pipes!

Bagpiper on Penn Avenue

Bagpiper on Penn Avenue (1)

I crossed Penn Avenue and took this view, to capture the surroundings.

7 thoughts on “Bagpiper on Penn Avenue, Saturday Night

  1. I love the sounds of the bagpipe. There was one at my brother’ funeral, which is unusual for a Jewish funeral. But he had always said he wanted a bagpiper. It was lovely.

  2. Now that would be unexpected! I’ve seen many street performers and stopped to listen to more than a few. Never have I seen a person playing the bagpipes. What a treat! Thanks for sharing her with us, Ruth.

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