What I Must Look Like to Others

While sitting in Pamela’s with Erika’s family I saw someone out of the corner of my eye. I was waiting for two eggs over easy- but pulled out the phone.
When I looked out the window I saw this guy shooting in the alley.
Wondered what he saw.
I have shot the same alley at night.
He was intent. Took his time. Shot quite a few. He seemed to stay in the same spot and did not kneel or step to either side- but I thought to myself that this must be what I look like to others around me.

Have a good week.

9 thoughts on “What I Must Look Like to Others

  1. I ditto the comments of Vastly Curious, Chicago John, and Sue. And I’ll add that I think it’s fun that you noticed a fellow photographer – and chose to take his picture. šŸ™‚ Birds of a feather…

    • You fry egg in a bit of butter or bacon fat and turn it over for a short time to cook the top just a tad so the yolk is still runny for dipping your toast!

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