What I Saw on Reynolds Street Curb





After knitting at Ann’s, I drove her other friend to the Frick Market so she could order a fresh turkey.  Right across from Sterrett School.

And when I parked I saw all of these fine items waiting to picked up at the curb.   I talked to the people outside the market and they said they were going to be listed on Craiglist under CURB APPEAL

. It was the fake log fireplace and andirons that set the mood.


curb items



15 thoughts on “What I Saw on Reynolds Street Curb

  1. This is great (and illustrates the point that it helps to have the camera with us at all times because these photo ops just happen).

  2. Just don’t list the puppy – I bet his owner would be sad! (Even though he isn’t respecting the sign.) 🙂

  3. I wonder if the person(s) responsible put any thought into the placement. Sure am glad, though, that the dog didn’t take more than a passing interest in any item. )

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