Maura Clare is Five






Happy Fifth Birthday Maura Clare.  November 17th 2008 was a very happy day in the family because you were born!Enjoy your day. Here are some of my favorite photos I chose for the blog today.


Grandma Ruthie

Buckeye Baby- Not even 24 hours old in this shot.

Maura newborn

























Maura and her dolly

With her first dolly.

Maura in her Steelers Hat



Maura doesn’t seem to mind her Grandma wielding the camera.   Her sense of humor shines through.

Maura at Aunt Linda's


Like a little fish in the water….


Maura 2

Lunch out in Virginia at Thanksgiving time a couple of years ago


Maura in Virginia




Maura and Mommy onUncle Frank's car

Sitting on Uncle Frank’s running board with Mom, Erika.

Maura and Popsicle

Summer popsicles in Virginia


Maura in Ski Mask

Sporting her brother’s ski mask


Swimming ribbon


Maura and Anna









Big sister Anna had just fixed her hair for church


Maura on the playground


Playing on the swingset in the yard







MAura on the playlet

21 thoughts on “Maura Clare is Five

  1. Lovely photos Ruth. They don’t stay babies for very long, that’s for sure! I have two grandsons, Isaac is five and his brother Alex is three 🙂

  2. Beautiful! Maura just gets more adorable each year! Hard to pick a favorite photo. Best birthday wishes to her – and to her family!!!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Beautiful Maura Clare! Looks like from day one your eyes saw the wonder of the world around you. Beautiful photos Ruth!


  4. Maura, from your very first breath you have been a beautiful, spunky, clever girl. Happy birthday! Enjoy your day and your year. 🙂

  5. Belated birthday wishes to Maura! She is such a photogenic little beauty. Look at her hamming it up for the camera and she wasn’t even 24 hours old! Your love for your grandkids is evident in each of your photos, Ruth. 🙂

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