Santorini, Arles and Geneva Windows Via Omaha Nebraska


When I posted for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Window Saturday night, within an hour’s time, I received an email from my good friend J in Omaha.

Attached to the email were photographs of interesting windows from her recent retirement European holiday.

I emailed back before midnight and invited her to guest blog. She sent a few more.

Since January first and the wordpress monkeys’ report telling me that I had 80,000 fewer viewers in 2013 than in 2012, I’ve been thinking about the purpose of my blog and reflecting on why this occurred.   The decrease in viewers was astounding to me.  It had been increasing, building, growing. And then it plummeted? Hmmmmm.

My blog followers numbers have increased.  Doesn’t make sense.  Thought maybe my posts mundane, not exotic enough, or the writing sparse or the writing boring or people just tired of seeing a pic of what I ate for dinner on a Tuesday when it was cold outside? People are rushed, stressed and don’t have time to look at the photographs? Not sure.

But hearing from my friend J in response to the gallery of windows photographs I posted, or receiving via email the Barred Owl from Shuey  (which was #4 in the lineup for most viewed post this past year even though it was from 2012) or knowing that my son Mark sent Mt. Vernon photos he took of the kids after he looked at my post of him standing in front of Washington’s home all those years ago- and that was at 3:30 AM he was looking and sending current photos. It felt good.

Responding to photographs.  It’s about dialogue, communication.  I am always talking to the high school students about the purposes of photography.  What makes a good photograph.

Maybe you wrote a comment after feeling something upon viewing an image.  Or emailed me a story of a memory a photograph triggered (thanks Jack)

After all, I want people to look at the photographs I take or I wouldn’t bother to upload them and share. Didn’t my friend V just say that about why people post on FB?

They want a response!

I’m seeking some connection to others. Making sense of my life. Honing my eye. Seeing what is right in front of me in my world.  Individual yet universal experience.

Most of the people I hear from via email don’t have their own blogs.

Cousin Paul sent a photo of his house in the moonlight, Rob sent a photo of a glass of wine on a table in an excellent composition and Bill sent the completed crossword.  Okay, now who am I forgetting?

Matthew sent the pics from the Museum of Broken Relationships from Zagreb and Laura the photo of the Longaberger Basket Offices shaped like a basket and my sister Mary, I can always count on her to see something interesting.  When I visit her in NYC she has lots of ideas about where to go and find things to photograph. Here’s one she sent of NYC signage.

The grandchildren have taken turns and want to be guest blogger as has my DIL Erika for Windsor the Rescue Horse– Anna with the pickup full of mannequin legs, Michael shooting into the sun at breakfast , Jack setting up the sock monkeys and telling them to smile, Maura with her drawing,

Friend from Florida Kristin with the Orchid Cactus brief bloom or the Alligators on Christmas Day.  Euthemia with her Christmas mice. 

I’ll l add more guest bloggers links in future posts but I’m grateful the blog has created a forum for exchange with one another!

Here are J’s wonderful windows she sent in response to the challenge. Thanks J.

Geneva WindowsGeneva Switzerland Windows


Window of Arles“From my window in Arles – J”


Cafe de NuitLe Cafe La Nuit



Santorini GreeceSantorini Greece Windows



DSC00575Santorini Greece Window



Laundry in MarseillesLaundry Day in Marseilles


Arles France Window

Arles, France – chandelier in window


Arles France
Arles, France


Arles –  peeking through the window to the sewing room of La Poule Blanche.  The proprietor made everything she sold in her shop, and I bought an apron, of course.- J


  Chambesy, Switzerland
Thank you Guest Bloggers, thank you blog followers and thank you occasional visitors for stopping by today.
I appreciate all of your responses.  
Ruth E

14 thoughts on “Santorini, Arles and Geneva Windows Via Omaha Nebraska

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  2. Just so you know, YOUR blog starts MY day with a smile. Also, from now on, when I travel (and you know I travel) I will be looking at and through windows very differently.

  3. nice variety – really nice pictures. And I annoyed reading this post too – and I know you know this – but keep in mind – it is NEVER about the number of viewers – so just keep doing what you do…. I think some people get enamored with more and more views – when really, I would blog if I had just a few people who wanted to peek in on my little slice of blogging – because more is not always better…. 😉

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  5. love, Spider man….and my posts are only family directed, and friends,,,and 80 viewers my best day since, obviously, I use no accelerators, though i’d thought about that….With 1400 comments, I always wish I had ten times that, and 100 times more readers… Most blogs last 1-5 years,,look that up if you like. so enjoy your work, I do.

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  7. Ruthie your photography and words open windows to a whole new world for all of us. I am in awe

  8. Numbers can be funny, tricky, sneaky things. When people ask me about blogging, I advise folks to get really clear from the outset on WHY they want to blog. To share ideas? To practice writing? To have a forum to express creativity? To be famous? Only the last answer is dependent on numbers – and that is one thing we can’t control. To be happy, content, peaceful, etc., stay focused on the things within – then let all the outer stuff happen however its going to happen. Let the numbers go – you’re worth a lot more than a few stats on a page! 🙂

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