Outlook Drive View of the Mill on the Monongahela River

A favorite place to capture the look of yesteryear but it is tonight.  Right now. 2014 from West Mifflin across the Monongahela River.

After being with the family up on VistaView I drove down Outlook Drive. The leaves aren’t full yet and I found a good clearing between two homes.

Propped the camera up onto the passenger window ledge and tried to get a steady shot with a long shutter.

That mill is working all day and night every day and I just drive by for a glimpse a couple of times every year.


I have posted the mill at night a few times but I never get tired of seeing it. Here is it in the snow

And another April shot from a few years ago 


Steel Mill at night

7 thoughts on “Outlook Drive View of the Mill on the Monongahela River

  1. Yes, what are they making at the Mill and where is the Mill along the Mon? Braddock? Rankin? On that side of the Mon or the Kennywood / Homestead side? Just curious! great shot and I do remember the past shots!!1

  2. A great shot, Ruth. Prior to Henry Ford, Detroit was a lumber town. After the northern woods were depleted, there were abandoned saw mills all over the city. Ford took one, created the assembly line, and the Motor City was born.

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