Wedding Cookie Production Begins- Part 1

Monday night I got a preview of the beginning of wedding cookie production but today Marlene sent me this cookie dough still life photo she took Tuesday.

She said she knew I would like it.  Nice photo Marlene.Thanks for sending it tonight for the blog.

photo 1


Marlene sent these photos she took today also



Here are a few I took Monday evening as they were just gearing up.




I took the portraits through the screens using my 70-200mm Canon L Series lens.


aunt linda

Aunt Linda



Aunt Marlene

Stay tuned for more baking for Vicci and Ben’s wedding

14 thoughts on “Wedding Cookie Production Begins- Part 1

  1. I enjoyed the vicarious thrill of all those cookies lined up. Impressive variety- brings back childhood memories.

  2. Wow – those look great!! Who wouldn’t want to try those cookies?? The bakers look happy in their work. The guests at the wedding are in for a treat!!

  3. I remember the days when I could eat a dozen cookies and not see it on my waste. The cookie table is such a nice touch.

  4. It’s always fascinating to me to watch a group of women in the kitchen working on a project. I love to hang around on the edges and listen to the chatter. This looks like a fun group.

  5. Ladies… I certainly can ID with you on this effort. Just made cookies for my godchild’s wedding last month, Truly a labor of love!

  6. Love the first photo : ” Still Life with cookie dough ” [don’t need to bother to bake it!!!-LOVE the dough!]

  7. How do you get a cookie stamp with the bride and groom’s names? What a special touch!

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