Patron Saint of Bakers and Pastry Chefs – Saint Honoré

Honoratus of Amiens  (who died in 600) .  The Feast Day is May 16th but no matter.

The nice woman at Jean-Marc Chatellier Bakery in Millvale said “Saint Honoré” when I asked.

Here he is, carved from wood,  with his bread peel with some sheafs of wheat, watching over the baker

August 2 is the last day before the bakery goes on vacation.  We just made it on our way to the Children’s Museum.



Saint Honoré

Saint Honoré at the French Bakery in Millvale



French Bakery Goods



11 thoughts on “Patron Saint of Bakers and Pastry Chefs – Saint Honoré

  1. Sounds, and looks, like a good day! Never knew there was a bakery saint and thought boy his work is coming through in the last few years with food and baked goods gaining new status for jobs and entertainment. The goodies look delicious especially the chocolate tort. Happy weekend. 🙂

  2. Glad to know about St Honore! Rue St Honore is an elegant street in Paris ….fashion and food shopS! On the Right Bank. JMC is on the right bank of the Allegheny!

  3. I’d not heard of St Honore and had to google him. I have to admit to being relieved to learn that his being named the Patron Saint of Bakers & bakeries came about because of his aid to a bakery. Weirdly enough, some Saints have become the Patron Saint of an activity connected with their martyrdom. Saint Lawrence, the Patron Saint of Barbecuing, was martyred on a hot gridiron.

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