Daniel Striped Tiger was the Highlight for Me

But the kids loved everything in the Children’s Museum on the North Side.

Porch Swing

They said “Just like Lala’s porch swing”   (at the entrance)


Jack and Maura rushing to get inside. We lucked out –  THROWBACK THURSDAY the kids were 1/2 price admission.

childrens museum entrance



Silk screening first so everything had a chance to dry in the studio before we took it home

Silk Screen


Maura loved putting her artwork into the dryer and watching it come out the other end on the conveyor belt.





ribbonsOf course Grandma had to take a shot of the installation art     More Light by Dick Esterle with the beautiful ribbons and the rotunda of the Old Post Office.

constructionDon’t  bother buying toys, just tape of corrugated boxes so the kids can build. STUDIO


tower clockI found this  Tower Clock n the stairwell when I checked on Jack.



Ant Farm CLimb

Climbing in the Ant Farm.  They never tired of climbing up and down.


Mr. Rogers SweaterOne of the Mr. Rogers’ items in the museum.  His mother knit this- perfectly

You can watch Mr Rogers explain how his mother shows love here

His sneakers were in the next exhibit area- ATTIC

Mr Rogers Sneakers




Stop Animation Video

Maura tried her hand at STOP animation video production  in MAKESHOP®

Gravity Room SLideLost count how many times they went down the slide via the Gravity Room



Cool puppets display in the ATTIC


But here is my favorite  Daniel Striped Tiger

Daniel Striped Tiger



Henrietta PussycatHenrietta Pussycat Puppet from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood




spin the sand

This sand design created by  spinning the disk is mesmerizing  –  Avalanche by Ned Kahn



video emotions

Videoing the emotion on the screen  This is SCARED in the XOXO exhibit.  All you need is love………..



spinning barrels

A really great installation art piece of the spinning barrels    by Will Schlough  in the GARAGE




jack and the parachute

Jack cranked the parachute up to the ceiling but it got trapped.



childrens' museum

You can see the Old Post Office Rotunda from the outside



At the outdoor lemonade stand, Jack promised to buy me a new car on his promise of a good deed tag.   No money for the lemonade.  I promised to be a patient grandmother and tweeted it with a hashtag.

Jack got on the KDKA news clip


Waiting for the mist to come in Buhl Community Park- Cloud Arbor by Ned Kahn  click here to see an excellent photo


carnegie north side

The original Carnegie Free Library on the North Side (Allegheny).  Walked by on the way to the car. It was a great day.

Thanks to my friend V for suggesting I take the kids.  A very good idea.


















11 thoughts on “Daniel Striped Tiger was the Highlight for Me

  1. I’m so glad Jack and Maura enjoyed the Children’s Museum. Aidan and Anna love to go there too.

  2. We took Cooper to the Children’s museum the last time he was here. He loved it. Can’t help but love throwback Thursday!

  3. Really feel as if I have been to the Childrens Museum myself! Wonderful! LOVED the photos in the Ant Farm and among the vertical poles and mist of Cloud Arbor!!! Looks like it could be shots from a choreographed / improvised dance … I am amazed that local dancers have not use the venue – at least to my knowledge. Camp Grandma should win a prize!!!!!! 🙂

  4. What an exciting place! Might just be the photographer’s framing, but it doesn’t appear to be very crowded. What luck!

  5. Just did all those activites with our grandkids recently. They love the Children’s Museum. We have a family membership now – great!!

  6. These hands-on exhibits are great for kids, Ruth. Back in the day, we went to museums but didn’t dare touch anything. It’s so good to see today’s museums engage the kids and if the kids learn a thing or two in the process, yippee!

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