80 Pounds of Fresh Linguine in a Day

No, not eaten.  Made!

I can tell you that it is delicious. Today I was buying walnuts and Amish butter and fresh eggs to make biscotti.

On Tuesday they make ravioli.  Mushroom, Imported cheese, artichoke, and many other varieties

Here is Carol in the Groceria Italiana (established 1958) in Bloomfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

She is of Irish German descent but is married to an Italian, she told me. Very hospitable and didn’t mind my questions at all.

There is a lovely photograph of Gloria who has passed but who made fresh pasta for years and years using these same machines.

One machine is 27 years old.

Thanks for letting me photograph the process with my iPhone.  I will return with my good camera one of these days.


Another machine rolling the dough into strips.





Preparing the strips for the machine.


Carol making linguini 2

Here the pasta strips are being cut.



Carol can make 80 pounds of fresh linguine in a day!


pasta cutterYou can see the different widths on the pasta cutter machine. Gloria’s photo is above the machine. Carol said her spirit is with them still.

6 thoughts on “80 Pounds of Fresh Linguine in a Day

  1. I haven’t had fresh pasta in years. My grandmother used to roll it out with a rolling pin, cut it into different sizes with a knife and let it dry on a cloth on the dining room table. She would have loved that pasta machine.

  2. When I lived in Point Breeze this store was a once a week stop for shopping. Especially Love those ravioli… But just love all their pastas too

  3. Fresh pasta tastes amazing; and seeing how it is made en masse is fun. Thanks for sharing it with us (and thanks to Carol and her willingness to share it with you!). 🙂

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