A Photo Shoot Idea Results in a Teeth Clench, a Grimace and a Bobblehead Shot

Eight years ago I created a homemade book for granddaughter Anna for her third birthday. You know those blank white books you can buy in an art store or school supply?    I photographed Baby Doll doing all sorts of things around the house and yard and swing set. I even had the photos printed on PAPER and mounted them on the pages and wrote a caption for each shot.

Anna wasn’t  a collaborator then as it was a surprise for her.

You get the idea of the book I made.  And I thought I could make another one, no problem. HA!

Today her sister Maura (5+) thought it would be a great idea to make a book together, starring her Bitty Baby and Chelsea baby dolls and her AG Clare.  I thought it sounded like a good idea, too.

Only problem, Maura suddenly got into some unnatural poses and grimaces and it didn’t look right to me.  Also the dolls seemed to have more vacant stares than good old Baby Doll (originally belonging to their mother Erika) who seemed MUCH more cooperative and responsive to my direction (plus it was my direction alone previously)

But I can learn from the experience of the photo shoot.  The results did not match my vision. But Maura had a blast and likes the pictures and we all had a great laugh.  Erika thinks my efforts are funny.  I think it is good to show the outtakes sometimes, too.

I showed today’s pics to her mother Erika and she said she loved them all.  Her brothers and sisters are the one who said that Maura looks like a Bobblehead in the one (due to Grandma’s angle and perspective)

Maura liked the photographs, just fine by her.

So here is what we came up with and for me it is back to the beginning and reworking the shots and getting Maura to ease up on the posing.  Will see what we come up with on the next attempt.

Maura arranging her”kids”IMG_1811 2




Ooops down one subject



And the Bobblehead shot.


12 thoughts on “A Photo Shoot Idea Results in a Teeth Clench, a Grimace and a Bobblehead Shot

  1. She’s definitely a “poser” but I like the photos. You were able to capture those gorgeous eyes!

  2. Grimace photos or not, I think both the dolls and Maura are adorable. What a clever idea.

  3. Love those floral dresses and Maura posing her dolls- following in Grandma’s foot steps.

  4. I looked at a lot of my old pictures of me AND my kids and most are grimace-free. There are really some funny ones, though. It looked like Maura was saying “CHEESE” in all of them and she didn’t want to. They are still adorable photos of her. She is definitely photogenic!

  5. Maura is at that weird-smile age. I swear all kids go through it. Fortunately she’ll most likely outgrow it. (I mean, just look at the beautiful smile Anna has now!)

    Seeing baby doll kicking back with a post-work cocktail did make me laugh, though. 🙂

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