Preparing Socks for Monkeys and the Front Porch Swing

The girls and I went to Aunt Lala’s today.  Uncle James was at work.

Aunt Lala did the girls hair.

Then we hung out with Penny the Golden Doodle on the front porch and the girls loved the porch swing.

Anna and Penny traded bandanas and headbands.  We had a relaxing summer afternoon.

Trying to not think about my return to school on Tuesday.


Aunt Lala's front porch
Aunt Lala’s front porch


porch swing and dog




Penny wearing Anna's headband
Penny wearing Anna’s headband




Socks ready to make into monkeys
Socks ready to make into monkeys

I used Laura’s sewing machine to stitch up the legs, arms and tails and now the two monkeys for Anna and her friend are ready to turn, stuff and stitch by hand.   The socks were on Clearance for 93 cents at Target last year.  I bought way too many thinking I would make a ton of monkeys.

10 thoughts on “Preparing Socks for Monkeys and the Front Porch Swing

  1. Enjoy you last days of vacation! Please post a picture of the sock monkeys when they’re finished.

  2. Oh, I just love that swing Ruth! Great shots of all the beauties you had there for the day. Enjoy the last days hon and I hope we get so see the cute sock monkeys too. 😀 ♥ Hugs ♥

  3. I love porch swings. I appreciated seeing the monkeys-in-the-making; how many socks does it take to make a single monkey?

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