Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette Gallery

NOTE:  If you are not a WordPress Blogger just skip down to the collection of Silhouette Gallery photos 


So WordPress decided to change the editor where one creates a new post and I just couldn’t see how it is any sort of an improved model. Perhaps it just takes some getting accustomed to the new format?

“No worries, just switch to classic mode” they reassured me at the top of the WordPress Page.  I clicked.

 And then when you click :PREVIEW the post from the classic mode, it then reverts to the New Editor, it does not stay in “classic mode”  

Life is all about change and our ability to adapt to change, right?

 But sometimes CHANGE is NOT an improvement.

(And what the heck is the BEEP BEEP BOOP someone created for the loading while you wait?  Oh my)


Now back to our regularly scheduled programming and I know talking about computer issues bores people.

MY SILHOUETTE GALLERY – You’ve seen a few of these before if you follow the blog

silhouette cupples field st. John

St. John at Cupples Field South Side

silhouette  hand murray ave

Looking up Murray Avenue

silhouette family smith mountain lakeFamily at Smith Mountain Lake

silhouette Hudson RiverHudson River Silhouettes

fireworksJuly Fireworks at The Lakes

michael on the zip lineMichael on the Zip Line

silhouette MauraMaura at the Strawberry Farm

Bobbijo and Tim  Wedding
Bobbijo and Tim

silhouette steam shovel 2

Dinosaur Demolition  (you’ve seen this one before)

silhouette Hudson River 2 Looking to New Jersey

silhouette birds on wire

Birds on a wireIMG_0848

Celeste as a bride last weekend.  I was actually trying to get a good silhouette but it didn’t quite work out.

silhouette winter trees

Winter trees in Highland Park

silhouette gigapanGigapan Work on Mt. Washington

silhouette supermanSemi Silhouette of Superman in Hardy Virginia

26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette Gallery

  1. I love the one with the little girl in the doorway.
    Yeah, the new editor does irk me and the beep beep thing is pretty silly. I don’t see an apparent improvement but I am not a daily poster.
    All your pictures are beautiful.

    • Thanks Kathryn. Yes a gallery seemed the solution but I did try to restrain myself and not post every silhouette in my archives. I think it probably bores people when there are so many even if the pics are good. Thanks for looking and writing today. Look forward to yours

    • Maybe it is an experiment with a few of us. Do you see an option to click return to classic mode at top? Does it say beep beep boop while loading? Lucky you’ve been spared. Different format to post

      • I don’t see any indication of “return to classic mode”…. I have my computer muted, so I don’t know if there is any beep beep booping going on or not…. I’ll keep my eyes open for possible changes, though. Thanks for the head’s up!

  2. Great selection of posts. Love the birds on a wire; a beautiful. I’m with you on the changes to the dashboard. Definitely not an improvement and very frustrating. Initially you could go back to the classic mode but not anymore. Feedback is definitely required 🙂

    • I figure I’ll adjust, Andrew.
      The improvements must be made by people who need employment.Gives people jobs. The ones who change it probably are blogging on a daily basis so don’t have to use it. Messing around with things sometimes ends up mucking it up;. Can’t believe they ditched the classic mode already. That was fast. And thanks for the good words on the photos. I got a bit distracted.

  3. Can I just comment on the wedding gown on the 9th picture….. It’s so beautiful!!!! And of course, your shots are effortlessly stunning.

  4. Great selections Ruthie! Of course my favorites are the photos with our grandchildren but I also really like the bird picture of couse. Tweet tweet.

  5. They are all great pictures and great examples of silhouettes but I think my favorite is the family sitting on the bench at the lake.

  6. i am quite a fan of birds on a wire, but that zipline silhouette is quite a cool action shot!
    i am with you on the new editor. the bee-bop-boops are a bit silly but i could live with them if only the rest of the new editor wasn’t so user unfriendly. as soon as i saw the ‘choose the classic option’ i did. i agree, not all change is an improvement. at the same time, maybe the new editor just needs a few wrinkles to be ironed, and in the long run it could get better. but given a choice, i’ll choose the classic editor. hooray for the good-old unimproved version! 🙂

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