Back to School Silhouettes on my Drive to School

Silhouettes challenge was August 15th.  

But look what I found this morning on the way to school.  (And yes,  I pulled to the side of the road)

I was behind a workman’s truck and saw the silhouette.

Pulled over to the curb, mindful of the time, knew I could wait a minute. Parking brake on, the hill’s steep.

The school bus

and then two students walking to our high school.

Work truck silhouette

Turning onto Brownsville Road


School bus coming down the hill

students in crosswalk silhouette

I was hoping for some separation between the two but not this morning.  

7 thoughts on “Back to School Silhouettes on my Drive to School

  1. My favorite is the photo of the people walking. Silhouettes definitely fuel my imagination.

  2. Thought I would take an early look at your pic for tomorrow. Looks like you are hitting the roads pretty early Ruth, hope all goes well.

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