A City Hornet Returns to Nest at S. Evaline and Friendship Avenue


After dinner Steve said he wanted to go to Bloomfield/ Friendship neighborhood and show me an incredible nest, alive with hornets coming in and out.  Perhaps an expert will be able to identify what type of hornet they are by the nest structure but after researching them when we got home tonight, I wish I had the telephoto lens and didn’t get quite as close with my 50mm fixed lens.  I read about how they can sting multiple times and can be very dangerous to animals and humans.  Hope no one decides to disturb this nest but it is so low to the sidewalk, hanging right over the middle, near a PAT bus stop.

People walk under it all day long and it ‘s fairly well camouflaged by the tree leaves.  It seems the color of the church stones. Hornet Returns to Nest


Hornet Returns to Nest

Hornet nest4

from the other side you can see the nest entrance


hornet nest 3

Unsuspecting woman approaching the sidewalk where the hornet nest hangs. 


honet6PAT  bus stop 

13 thoughts on “A City Hornet Returns to Nest at S. Evaline and Friendship Avenue

    • Yes, that is what I realized when I got home and read about it. It is pretty close to the sidewalk, hanging down from that limb but hidden by the leaves a bit. There I am, shooting away, not realizing how dangerous it was!

    • You’ll be glad to know I was able to upload an image AND submit a form to the mayor instead of a phone call in the morning during school time so thanks for your encouragement to do so

  1. That nest is amazing. I’d love to watch the hornets make it. Great pictures Ruth E

  2. That’s a big, scary looking nest! Glad you were able to report it. I would need one of those grilled cheese sandwiches for comfort after seeing that!!

  3. I agree, really beautiful work by those hornets BUT, being allergic to bee stings…..it really scares me to see it hanging so close to people.

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