Yarn Bomb on Utility Pole

I was headed home after stopping at East Liberty Farmer’s Market.

Someone is getting the word out in a unique way.

I saw the VOTE yarn bomb sign a few days ago but then today the BIKE sign was covering it up.

Couldn’t the bikers have moved their sign up a bit higher so the yarn bomb wasn’t covered?

I got out of my car and lifted up the BIKE sign to get the picture.

I saw a couple of Yarn Bomb VOTE signs in Bloomfield, too.  Today was the deadline to register.

The tag’s website read Pole2Polls.

It certainly caught my attention.

(And the Weekly Photo Challenge is SIGNS)

Yarn Bomb


Highland Park at Highland Avenue and Stanton Ave.

321 Bike Ride Sign

5 thoughts on “Yarn Bomb on Utility Pole

  1. A great yarn bomb! And I agree with you – the bikers could have been more respectful of the sign that was on the pole first. Both events are important.

  2. Will forward to a friend who was a mover / shaker in Knit the Bridge!!! thanks for getting the whole bomb!!!

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