The House is Quiet

The four grandchildren were here since Thursday night and their mom and dad went to a wedding in Philly this weekend.

We had a nice time together and the house is feeling pretty empty now.


Today they watched Steve remove a dead squirrel out of the fireplace and take it outside.   Michael said, “You’ve got an animal in your fire pit.”

Thank goodness for the glass doors. Guess that screen on top of the chimney came off!






sleepingLast night they all fell asleep in one bed watching Cheaper by the Dozen.    



Shadyside Toy StoreWe went to Shadyside to the old Toy Store where their Dad used to shop with his brother and sister.



Super PlaygroundFun at the Super Playground in Highland Park




grandhildrenA little posing in front of the house.  Jackets and sweatshirts necessary.

Missing all the fun you bring to me.  Hope you’ll plan a return visit soon.

Love you.

FF Ruthie


13 thoughts on “The House is Quiet

  1. It looked like they had a good time. Who could beat a weekend with grandma? Especially when that grandma is you!

  2. What a beautiful bunch of kids!! I know you will miss them until next time. Grandkids are the best!!

  3. When the pic came up in my reader I was wondering what the heck they wee looking at – and well, then I was like “ohhhhhh – a squirrel removal” that fits the pic – cool capture grandma!

  4. Enjoy your wonderful family! Screens don’t keep birds out either but we can usually rescue them.

  5. So nice to have the g’kids hang out with you.
    So sweet the pic where they all fell asleep watching tv.
    EEk on the critter!

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